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Background Information

Tourism development is occurring at a fast pace along the Placencia Peninsula, and this growth has fueled an awareness within the local communities of the fundamental need for consideration and sensitivity towards the natural and cultural environments in order to achieve a sustainable industry. Placencia Village itself, has maintained a unique community feel, with potential for further development as a tourism centre through urban renewal and infill development which retains the distinct character of the village.

Challenges to Placencia's development as a tourist destination include:

  • inadequate sewage treatment
  • management of the natural environment around the lagoon
  • planning, management and maintenance of the beachfront
  • potential flooding during the rainy season and risk from natural hazards
  • fast pace and density of development
  • limited supporting infrastructure

A local community planning effort was initiated in 2005 (Dyett & Bhatia) in an attempt to establish a policy framework and land-use guidance for further development within the Placencia community.


The Placencia Peninsula Physical Tourism Development Plan will be undertaken as a deliverable under the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan consultancy. It will create criteria and standards for tourism development in line with the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan and include a review of the Sustainable Tourism Development Plan prepared by Dyett and Bhatia, March 2005.

Overall Goal:

To strengthen and improve physical planning, and implement zoning and development standards to maintain the small-scale, authentic character of the Peninsula and its villages, taking into consideration social and environmental issues, and proposing strategies for product diversification, enhanced visitor experience and improved quality of life for the residents.

Current Project Status:

July 5th - 11th 2011:
Stakeholder Presentations.

June 22nd 2011:
Receipt of NSTMP revised edition and draft destination specific plans.

April - May 2011:
Internal review sessions of draft NSTMP.

April 8th - 15th 2011:
Field Visits for Site Specific Plans - Physical Planner and STP.

February 21st - March 8th 2011:
Country Field Visit and one-on-one consultations by consultancy team.

October 2010:
National Stakeholder Workshops (4th - 8th): presentation and input on draft strategic framework including density models and levels of development.

September 2010:
Receipt of Draft Diagnostic of Tourism in Belize and Draft Strategic Framework for the NSTMP.

June 2010:
Physical Planners destination field visits, stakeholder meetings and national over-flight.
Economist site visits and stakeholder meetings.

May 2010:
Policy Analyst field visit and stakeholder meetings.

April 2010:
Team field visit and stakeholder meetings.

March 30th, 2010:
Contract awarded to Tourism and Leisure Europraxis Consulting.

February 23rd 2010:
Evaluation of price proposals.

February 2nd 2010
Evaluation of technical proposals.

November 2009:
Request for Proposals sent out to eight short listed firms.

November 6th, 2009:
Expressions of interest received from 39 international firms and 7 Belize firms.

October 2009:
Letter of Invitation published for firms to express their interest in offering consultancy services to develop the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan for the entire Belize tourism sector.